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When Your Business Is Not
Where You Want It To Be


Then BLAST Through LIMITATIONS To Create

 Faster GROWTH, Bigger PROFITS, And More Personal FREEDOM.

The Profit Growth Initiative is dedicated to helping your business generate new growth and long-term value between customers, employees and market opportunities

Growth Seminars

Interactive lessons that show you how to maximize growth of your business. Through result oriented initiatives and thoughtful discussion you will receive all the direction needed for Profit Acceleration.

What People Are Saying About Us . . .

  • 5 star review  I met last month with Mark for a discovery interview, as we looked over my monthly cash flow statement he was able to see very quickly many expenses that were no longer performing. He helped me to see the adjustments that I had overlooked to give us savings of $1186 per month. After a cost benefit analysis, I made many of the changes he suggested giving us an additional $1,1004 profit per year. If you want to move your business forward and increase you bottom line profit I highly recommend Mark Anderson and The Profit Growth Initiative. Kern Dillard Kern’s Complete Automotive Care

    thumb Kern Dillard
  • 5 star review  I've had the opportunity to be in a seminar and listen to both Mark and Darrel from The Profit Growth Initiative discuss some of the strategies they use to find windfall profit sources and create continuous and ongoing streams of recurring revenue for their clients. I've also participated in confidential Discovery Calls with them where they gave me ideas and tips that I have been to immediately implement in my own business that can help me run my business more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably, and enable me to provide better service, more support, and increased value for my clients. I can unreservedly and unhesitatingly recommend the services of TPGI to anyone who has a business that is in need of fresh, new ideas that work in the real world... ideas that can improve their operational efficiency, employee engagement, and bottom line profitability.

    thumb Martin Howey
  • 5 star review  I chatted with Mark of The Profit Growth Initiative for roughly an hour last week, and it was BY FAR the Most Valuable hour I've spent all month in terms of gaining clarity on how to improve my business. The best part was Mark explained the theories and principals, making the steps and metrics for growth extremely clear. I'm very grateful The Profit Growth Initiative has created systems and skills they have. With the years of knowledge and experience of the team, it's a sure-fire way to improve how your business operates and increase your bottom line.

    thumb Gatlin A R Johnson
  • 5 star review  Mark Anderson, The Profit Growth Initiative, I truly appreciate your advice and expertise on my presentation. You were a tremendous help making my presentation success!

    thumb Rhonda Negard
  • 5 star review  I had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Anderson on the phone briefly asking him for some quick advice regarding my business. One of the most important things he reminded me is time is money and that I need to get compensated well for what I do! Thank you so much Mark.

    thumb Emie Figueroa
  • 5 star review  Mark is a knowledgeable and experienced business professional. He has a fiery passion for helping businesses succeed in profit through effective marketing strategies. With a direct and succinct approach, he can quickly help you identify and drive the right customers to you. Then you will not only attain the right customers, but more important, you will retain those customers. The result? Gain in your profit! Mark is great investment into your own profit growth initiative! – Dr. Eric Lake Leadership and Business Coach

    thumb Eric Lake
  • 5 star review  We brought in TPGI to help us look at us from the outside in. We were not growing they way we wanted. Having their expertise and a third set of eyes helped us build a fire, and get us focused on the things to help us grow again. Great people and good thought partners!! Money and time well spent!

    thumb Mark Trumper