10528 Reckless Marketing Behavior #39 Not Using Headlines In Your Marketing

Not Using Headlines In Your Marketing  Who needs headlines right? We don’t need any stinking headlines. Not so fast. We are living in an information overload society with thousands of words /images/sounds clamoring for our immediate attention. (Current research says that an individual sees an average of 300 advertisements and over 5,000 branding images per day.) Headlines are […]

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10394 Reckless Marketing Behavior # 13 “Not Harnessing The “3 Big Business Multipliers”

 “Not Harnessing The “3 Big Business Multipliers” This concept is the number one reason why businesses aren’t as successful as they could be. Traditional marketing ignores using ALL ‘3 Big Business Multipliers’ SIMULTANEOUSLY. Each Big Business Multiplier is a crucial part of the ‘success jigsaw puzzle’ that determines how quickly and effectively your business growth […]

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3 Tips: Bury Your Competition

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and those alike constantly strive to be competitive. Everyone stries for some type of edge to set them apart from their competition. While on the never ending crusade to gain a competitive advantage most people end up becoming distracted by searching for the latest “silver bullet” tool or tactict that will set them apart. Unfortunately, […]

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