What People Are Saying About Us  . . . Because we talk enough already

Due to the nature of our work, most clients require that we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and not divulge our work with them. We are happy to sign and honor such agreements. We also appreciate those clients who authorized us to provide the following testimonials.

Brad Stutz AMS Technology

Mark was very easy to work with. He dove into my business and did the research necessary to give me the advice and insight I was looking for. He helped me restructure my Profit & Loss statement so it made sense and steered me in the right direction. I would recommend the Profit Growth Initiative to any business that needs an outside look at their business and looking for honest, straight forward advice..

The owner of TravelRx and I had the immense pleasure of meeting with Mark Anderson regarding business growth strategies for her burgeoning mobile pharmacy business. One of the best tactics he suggested was to employ a call center for rapid lead qualification. We have 2000 cold leads to vet in two weeks so I will report back on the results later this month. I have 25 years in marketing and it's always great to sit with other experts and ferret out the one idea that you had not thought through. Thanks Mark, I will certainly be calling on you again.

Kevin Hayes Tacoma Marketing Group

Kern Dillard Kern’s Complete Automotive Care

I met last month with Mark for a discovery interview, as we looked over my monthly cash flow statement he was able to see very quickly many expenses that were no longer performing. He helped me to see the adjustments that I had overlooked to give us savings of $1186 per month. After a cost benefit analysis, I made many of the changes he suggested giving us an additional $1,1004 profit per year. If you want to move your business forward and increase you bottom line profit I highly recommend Mark Anderson and The Profit Growth Initiative.

We brought in TPGI to help us look at us from the outside in. We were not growing they way we wanted. Having their expertise and a third set of eyes helped us build a fire, and get us focused on the things to help us grow again. Great people and good thought partners!! Money and time well spent!

Mark Trumper MaverickLabel.com

Chris Kimball CK Financial

For more than 20 years, Mark has had a significant impact on both my professional career and my life. His insights and no-nonsense approach have inspired me to strive for greater efficiency and growth in my business. He has always kept me focused on success, and consequently helped me to achieve it

I've had the opportunity to be involved in TPGI seminars and participate in confidential Discovery Calls where they provided ideas and tips that I have been able to immediately implement in my own business to run more efficiently and profitably while increasing value for my clients. I can unhesitatingly recommend the services of TPGI to anyone who has a business and is in need of fresh, new ideas that work in the real world. Ideas that can improve their operational efficiency, employee engagement, and bottom line profitability.

Martin Howey TopLine Business Solutions

Tim Nelson Rain Or Shine Windows

After an introductory meeting with TPGI, I acted on a small piece of free advice they gave me and generated an additional $2,850 of new revenue in just 3 hours. I can’t wait to see what happens when I apply the advice to the rest of my business

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