Turn Your Service Business Struggles Into  Sustainable Revenue.

Tackle your biggest problems with an industry expert who's extensive background in building maintenance services can transform you from constantly putting out fires to focusing on consistent growth. 

Short Term Sessions. Long Term Results. 

The reality of running a successful building maintenance company is that it requires all of your time and energy. You get so involved with the business it's hard to see the forest from the trees. There is very little time to look for new opportunities that are right in front of your eyes.

When you want to solve the problems that are preventing you from growing your business in just a few hours rather than weeks, you need the knowledge of an expertly seasoned business advisor. One that when coupled with the power and consistency of time tested frameworks, can rapidly deliver laser focused ideas you can put to work right away.

How Can Problems 2 Profits Benefit You?

Marketing and Growth Opportunities 

Unearth hidden market opportunities using tailored strategies for the commercial cleaning sector. Boost your competitive edge and position your business for growth.

Operational Process Improvement

Identify and address operational bottlenecks for streamlined efficiency. Embrace best practices within your business, promoting continuous growth and adaptability.

Employee Retention Initiatives

Build a culture driven organization with targeted training and engagement strategies. Ensure your workforce is both empowered and committed to your company vision.

Customer Life Time Value

Elevate customer experiences to foster loyalty and long-term partnerships. Implement out reach mechanisms and feedback systems so your clients remain invested in their journey.

Now Building Service Contractors Can Hit Their Growth Targets With Consistent Accuracy.

Meet Your Resident Problem Solver

Mark Anderson

Over the past 50 years Mark has faced all the same challenges that you experience today and found solutions that work when used consistently.

This came through his experience from building an eight-figure facilities service company, a seven-figure franchise organization, operating branches in several states and Canada, and eventually exiting all those companies succesfully. 

Listen To Mark On The Polishing Profits Podcast

Join Mark and his Co-Hosts every thursday as they bring you veteran advice from over 150 years of combined experience in the cleaning industry.

What Clients Say About Working With Mark

Greg Davis RBSM

Marsden Services

...after being in the Building Services industry for over 30 years, there is not a session that goes by that I don't learn something new...

His insights and coaching techniques have been very valuable to me and I always look forward to our weekly calls. Even after being in the Building Services industry for over 30 years, there is not a session that goes by that I don't learn something new that I can immediately apply to help my customers receive an outstanding service, and to help my company and staff to deliver an outstanding product. 

Sharon Cowan CBSE

Janitorial Growth Specialist/Consultant

...40+ years of solid, practical experience and knowledge to the table....

I've collaborated with Mark on many projects over the years. As a fellow business coach Mark brings 40+ years of solid, practical experience and knowledge to the table. His approach is methodical, proven and experienced always with profit first. Common sense style and a great communicator, Mark's expertise is second to none in the industry. It's always a pleasure working with him

Antoninus Hines CEO

Integrity National Corporation

... more value into my company which has resulted in phenomenal top line and bottom line growth...

Mark helped me navigate a pivotal exit strategy decision I was processing. Mark has gone through the process of his company being acquired and Mark helped me understand the benefits of staying on and building more value into my company which has resulted in phenomenal top line and bottom line growth! 

Crystal Leigh

Janitorial Business Owner

...The experience to direct the already experienced like myself...

It was so refreshing to talk to someone in the industry who was down to earth and realistic with approach and direction. I left the call feeling that I had a new sense of direction to focus my energy. I would highly recommend this service; he has the experience to direct the already experienced like myself who are trying to level up. Great service.

Jenna O’connor

Building Service Company Owner

...Learned more in the two hours I’ve spoken to Mark than in the time I have been in business for myself...

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark. He shed light on so many different aspects of this business that I had no idea about prior. I have learned more in the two hours I’ve spoken to Mark than in the time I have been in business for myself. He is patient and kind and explains things extremely thoroughly, so you understand. If you’re looking to grow your business I highly recommend reaching out to Mark, You won’t regret it. 

Eli Schmoeger, CBSE

American Cleaning Service

... They addressed the need that we engaged them for and found several additional opportunities to help me improve my business. ..

The content and strategy have helped us attract several large prospective clients. The great thing is that it will continue to create more new revenue well into the future.

In addition, Mark has been a sounding board for me in other areas of my business. His industry experience, thoughtfulness, and fun conversation have been a great added value. His advice on negotiating a six-figure, multi-year contract helped me close the deal in one particular instance. 

The Problems 2 Profits Sessions help you get the RIGHT information – in the RIGHT order, so you NEVER AGAIN have to play guessing games trying To achieve actionable growth.

Minimal Time, Maximum Effort

In just one session you can get actionable ideas and clear direction for your business. Most business owners don’t have the time or skill set to objectively assess their business and solve the problems that are holding them back or identify fresh opportunities. 

Unlock More Profitable Avenues

The more revenue streams you can create with your current customers the less you have to rely on worrying about new revenue. Motivate your customers to buy more and stay longer because if you are not providing your customers with everything you can or have to offer, you are doing them a great disservice.

Achieve Clarity And Focus

Know the best areas to take action on to get the most out of your business. Remove the pressure of wondering if you are making the best decisions to grow your business. Uncover the most productive and profitable areas and start acting on them right away.

Dominate Your Market And Be Heard

Be the first choice in your prospects mind. When you stop saying the same thing that your competition is your customer starts listening. The more they hear your message the more you dominate the market place. Eliminate costly mistakes and remove the stress of scrambling to find where the next customer is coming from.

Don't Just Navigate Problems.
Harness Them To Drive Unparralleled Growth

Schedule your initial Problems 2 Profits Session to start transforming your most pressing challenges into assets with guidance from an industry veteran who has 50 years in building maintenance services. Go from merely navigating hurdles to actively harnessing solutions that propel your business forward.

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Identify A Problem To Solve

Prepare for the meeting by thinking about your top 3 most critical problems or what may be stopping you from reaching the next level within your company. 

Short Term Sessions. Long Term Results. 

Over the course of 60 Minutes we will discuss the problems that are inhibiting growth in your commercial cleaning company and what can be done to overcome it. Then ACTUALLY help you get started building a solution.