Uncover Hidden Profit Opportunities with Our Revolutionary Service Business Software!

We will do a deep dive into specific areas of your business and use a proprietary process developed to seek out and identify overlooked business breakthroughs. 

book A Introductory Session Today And We Will Waive The Session Fee.

When we ask service business owners what their Top Challenges Are We hear The Same Answer Everytime

 "I need more leads, I need more customers, probably better systems, and I definitely need more revenue. The kind of revenue that yields higher profits."

Unfortunately, business owners are under the mistaken belief that the BEST way they can make more money is to generate more leads and customers.

That’s a sure-fire formula that will lead to frustration from failure. 

Yes, you definitely want to generate more leads and customers, but as you know that is difficult due to the nature of the contract service business model. 

There are MUCH faster and consistent ways for you to quickly generate more money… a LOT more money.

To better benefit service business owners like you, we decided there was a need to create solutions for this dilemma. So we partnered with a unique business assessment software, that in minimal time, can uncover major ‘financial breakthroughs’ in 12 proven and critical areas.

How would you like to know, with near-perfect accuracy, the areas of your business where you could generate the most money… in the shortest amount of time… and at minimal additional cost?

Hit The Bullseye With Effortless Accuracy

Suppose I told you that we could perform an assessment that can identify the revenue and profit opportunities available across several areas of your business. Then instantly run your business through our software’s algorithmic sequences to calculate the actual dollar increases you would realize.
Then those same sequences will create a detailed roadmap that will show you exactly what to do and when to do it to achieve those results… and hand you a customized report that will position your business as the leader in your market.

Meet your Service Business' Profit Acceleration Analyst

The reality of running a successful building maintenance company is that it requires all of your time and energy. You get so involved with the business it's hard to see the forest from the trees. There is very little time to look for new opportunities that are right in front of your eyes.

When you want to figure out how to profitably grow your business in just a few hours rather than weeks, you need the knowledge of an expertly seasoned business advisor. One that when coupled with the power and speed of specially designed algorithms, can rapidly deliver laser focused ideas you can put to work right away.

Grow Your Service Business With Profit acceleration software

Our revolutionary business assessment software has the RIGHT information – in the RIGHT order, so you NEVER AGAIN have to play guessing games trying to figure out the steps needed to increase your leads, your sales, and your revenue and profits.

Minimal Time, Maximum Effort

In just one session you can get loads of new actionable ideas and clear direction for your business. Most business owners don’t have the time or skill set to objectively assess their business for fresh opportunities that would take you days to do on you own. 

Unlock More Profitable Avenues

The more revenue streams you create within your current customers the less you have to rely on a constant stream of new revenue. Motivate your current customers to buy more and stay on board longer while making them happy to pay you more. If you are not providing your customers with everything you can or have to offer them, you are doing both them and yourself, a great disservice.

Achieve Clarity And Focus

Know the best areas to take action on to get the most out of your business.  Remove the pressure of wondering if you are making the best decisions to grow your business. Uncover the most productive and profitable areas to grow your business and start acting on them today.

Dominate Your Market And Be Heard

Be the first choice in your prospects mind. When you stop saying the same thing that your competition is saying your customer starts listening. The more they hear your message the more you dominate the market place. Eliminate costly marketing mistakes and remove the stress of scrambling to find where the next customer is coming from.

SeizeThe Reigns Of Your Business So you will never again say to yourself “I’m not sure what to do to grow my business.”

This may sound like a huge undertaking. Typically it is, but we have prioritized a series of specific questions and coupled them with the power of proprietary software to quickly deliver results. 

Your guide for this process will be a service business industry veteran who's experience and knowledge will help you interpret the results and make the best decisions for the growth of your company.

Heres How it Works:


Step 1: Discovery Phase

Not knowing the right questions to ask is the reason most business owners can’t determine the best path forward to build a profitable business.

We begin by establishing some simple baselines for your business, such as your current revenue, marketing processes, and services provided. 

If you don’t know exactly what to ask, you won’t uncover the most pressing problems that could be costing you the most profit.

Next, you'll answer some specific questions to help determine various strategies that can reveal amazing opportunities you could be overlooking.

The right questions in the right order is the key to finding dramatic breakthroughs for your business. 


Step 2: Assesment Phase

With the click of a  button our software helps you to identify potential financial breakthroughs that exist within your business.

However, during our assessment, we want to use ultra-conservative numbers.

We typically look for breakthroughs in each area between 3% and 10%. We want to keep our projections believable and easily achievable.      

It’s always better to under-promise and then over-deliver.


Step 3: Analysis Phase

Once our software completes the process, we click a button and our Profit Acceleration Summary automatically populates.

The summary displays the dramatic revenue and profit increases we’ve just uncovered for you in both numbers and visual graphs…. as well as the increase in the valuation of your business.


Step 4: Implementation Phase

But that’s just for starters. Next, we click the Priorities button and assign a time to implement each breakthrough we uncovered.

We save that information, and then click the prioritize and sort button.

Then we click the Implementation button and the software provides us with an time line calendar, so you know exactly when to execute each strategy for maximum results.

Your Seasoned Business Advisor, Mark Anderson

Mark has built and sold an eight figure facility services company. With over $100,000,000 of contract services sold over 40 years of business it is modest to describe him as seasoned. After developing five branches all over a million dollars in annual revenue Mark wanted to help other building service owners experience the same success he had. 

Just be forewarned you may hear him playing on one of his many guitars, practicing his spanish, or talking to his "Puget Hound" (how he describes the breed of his dog) Cerbie Anderson. 

Here’s what people are saying about their experience with Mark

Greg Davis Regional Director

Marsden Services

...after being in the Building Services industry for over 30 years, there is not a session that goes by that I don't learn something new...

His insights and coaching techniques have been very valuable to me and I always look forward to our weekly calls. Even after being in the Building Services industry for over 30 years, there is not a session that goes by that I don't learn something new that I can immediately apply to help my customers receive an outstanding service, and to help my company and staff to deliver an outstanding product. 

Sharon Cowan CBSE

Janitorial Growth Specialist/Consultant

...40+ years of solid, practical experience and knowledge to the table....

I've collaborated with Mark on many projects over the years. As a fellow business coach Mark brings 40+ years of solid, practical experience and knowledge to the table. His approach is methodical, proven and experienced always with profit first. Common sense style and a great communicator, Mark's expertise is second to none in the industry. It's always a pleasure working with him

Antoninus Hines CEO

Integrity National Corporation

... more value into my company which has resulted in phenomenal top line and bottom line growth...

Mark helped me navigate a pivotal exit strategy decision I was processing. Mark has gone through the process of his company being acquired and Mark helped me understand the benefits of staying on and building more value into my company which has resulted in phenomenal top line and bottom line growth! 

Crystal Leigh

Janitorial Business Owner

...The experience to direct the already experienced like myself...

It was so refreshing to talk to someone in the industry who was down to earth and realistic with approach and direction. I left the call feeling that I had a new sense of direction to focus my energy. I would highly recommend this service; he has the experience to direct the already experienced like myself who are trying to level up. Great service.

Jenna O’connor

Building Service Company Owner

...Learned more in the two hours I’ve spoken to Mark than in the time I have been in business for myself...

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark. He shed light on so many different aspects of this business that I had no idea about prior. I have learned more in the two hours I’ve spoken to Mark than in the time I have been in business for myself. He is patient and kind and explains things extremely thoroughly, so you understand. If you’re looking to grow your business I highly recommend reaching out to Mark, You won’t regret it. 

Emie Figueroa

Janitorial Business Owner

... My business has definitely grown...

Ever since I started working with Mark, my business has definitely grown. They’ve helped me price jobs correctly and I’ve won the bid almost every time. The times I didn’t win the bid was because that wasn’t my ideal client anyways. 

Heres Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Business owners want results… NOT promises, hype or promotion.

Our software provides certainty, as well as the roadmap to building a successful and financially lucrative business.

We can now hand you a complete professionally-designed and illustrated roadmap that highlights the breakthroughs we just found in both numerical and graphical representations.

With your results in hand, we’ll hand-craft for you a detailed report that can completely transform your business.

This includes all of the breakthroughs we uncovered for you and we’ll show you your best way forward.

We know that this can be difficult to believe.  

That is why we are willing to take the time to show you during a complimentary introductory session. 

Seeing is believing afterall. 

During this session we will demonstrate how the software works and what it can do for your business. 

At the end of the session you will leave with an understanding of what it takes to consistently grow your business and how we can help you do so. 

If you decide that this is not for you that is also fine. 

You have very little to lose and quite alot to gain. 

Book An Introductory Session To See What The Profit Acceleration Software Can Do For You.

Profit Acceleration Software
Introductory Session

Payments Currently Waived.

  • 60 Minute Profit Acceleration Session.
  • Snap Shot Report That Summarizes The Findings Of Your Session And Potential ROI.
  • Demonstration On How A Full Profit Acceleration Session Not Only Pays For Itself But Delivers A Complete Roadmap To Consistently Grow Your Revenue And Profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profit Growth Acceleration Software?

It is a powerful assessment software for coaches and consultants to use with their clients. It is modeled on thirty years of successful consulting methods for analyzing leverage, growth, and profit opportunities for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. This software is currently used by 900 consultants in 24 countries.

 It has taken years to develop and perfect. Around $1,000,000 was invested in creating the product that improves your business’s bottom line and grows the top line. The software is continually optimized to keep up with changing technology and business assessment methodologies.

The Master Analysis covers 40 significant areas of business growth. Our FastTrack Analysis covers 12 essential areas that apply to every business.

Our Profit Acceleration Software TM can pinpoint existing major financial breakthroughs in any business and provide the exact steps and timelines to implement so those financial breakthroughs become a reality!


Is there a minimum annual revenue size requirement?


Businesses with minimum revenues of $500,000 per year that are focused on scaling to the next level.

Exceptions may be considered on an individual basis for qualifying companies so do not be afraid to ask.


What is Profit Growth Acceleration Software?

It is a powerful assessment software that is modeled on thirty years of successful consulting methods that analyze leverage, growth, and profit opportunities for tens of thousands of medium-sized businesses worldwide. This software is currently used by over 900 consultants in 24 countries. 

It has taken years to develop and perfect. Around $1,000,000 was invested in creating the product that we use. The software is continually optimized to keep up with changing technology and assessment methodologies.

The Profit Acceleration Software can pinpoint existing major financial breakthroughs in any business and provide the exact steps and timelines to implement so those financial breakthroughs become a reality!


What critical areas of my business do you analyze?

Our FastTrack Analysis covers the 12 fundamental areas of your business that are the most straightforward, readily applied, and cost-effective to implement and that can generate a quicker ROI on your investment.

We will cover:

Your Marketing Domination Position, Lead Generation, Strategic Alliances, Digital Marketing Basics, Your Compelling Offer, Drip Campaign, Down Selling, Adding Services and Products, Increasing Prices, Upsell and Cross-Selling, Bundling Services, and Cost Reductions.

Can you really show me the exact steps and where to find immediate improvements?

Yes, we can. The software program accurately examines 12 key areas and approaches used by successful business owners worldwide to leverage their bottom-line growth and build their company's market value.

Using a series of targeted sequential questions on each of the 12 key areas of your business, we accurately identify the most often overlooked or unknown actionable opportunities that commonly exist in every company regardless of industry. The information is then prioritized. An Action Plan is generated that shows which actions to take and what order to take them to achieve the best results, in the shortest amount of time, with the lowest out-of-pocket expense the least risk possible.

What kind of new opportunities can I expect to find?

The interview and software session focuses on finding more improvements on how you can:

  • Lower your current costs.
  • Consistently add new clients to your book of business.
  • Improve your bottom-line net profits.
  • Increase the sale value of your business.

Every business owner is in a different place in their growth journey with varying sets of skills and experiences, so new to some may be old news for others. However, everyone should get some new insights on what they should start doing, stop doing, or perhaps continue doing to improve their company's specific areas.

Will your systems work for me and my business?

The processes and systems we install in our client's businesses have been tried, tested, and proven to work for thousands of companies of all kinds and sizes in nearly every industry, profession, and business niche. Whether or not they will work for you and your business is mainly dependent on how serious you are about wanting the improved results and your diligence in applying the suggestions.

When we finish, what will I have?

You will have a road map showing you the best actions to take over the 12 critical areas of your business to increase your growth and profits.

If the Advanced Session option was an offered option, you will also receive two 1-hour sessions with TPGI President Mark Anderson discussing the strategies and tactics that will produce the best and most immediate results for you.

If I have a business partner, can they attend the session as well?

If your business partner(s) are actively involved in the business's executive decisions, strategic thinking, and long-term growth, they are welcome to join you. But only one of you will be able to participate in the actual analysis, and the others are welcome to observe.

What kind of information should I be prepared to bring to the session?

When you purchase your session time, you will be sent a list of items that will prepare you to quickly answer the questions so we can make the most of our time together.

How can I be sure that my information will remain secure and confidential?

Your information is secure. The Profit Acceleration Software (PAS) uses the highest security level available to the public and is approved by America's National Security Agency.

Before you have your Introductory Meeting, you will be sent a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)... a legal document that keeps everything discussed privately between us.

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